Thursday, 15 December 2011

Creaky Joints

So the last date for xmas poating comes and goes which means a lull in the endless strom that was the Crusher Holds Fingerboard christmas rush. This gives my arms a rest and the tendonitis a breather and a chance to get on the bike and get fit for the winters climbing. Must say really pleased this year, well over doubled the number of boards sold so business is promising. A few ideas in the pipeline and hopefully a new website on the way soon.

Getting back into climbing a bit, down BoulderUk a few times and a bit of Darwenbleu cellar action...  the ongoing back injury is just under control and the tendonitis slowly ebbing away. So 5 months off hasn't been such a problem after all. Right psyched then, need to get a plan together for next year.

Heard mutterings of a small quarry being found locally with a new few trad lines to go at... I wonder if this is the infamous Little Houghton, that I spent hours trying to find in my teens unsuccesfully. Sounds interesting, may go down for a look and see what the crack is with the new problems been put up there.

Darts match tonight... yey.. darwen catholic club.. time for a few ales n a few arras.... darren style!

Anyhow as this is a blog related to my fingerboards check out this beauty...

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  1. Congratulations Probes! Have a great Christmas, I´m jealous of the prospect of a gnarly winter climbing season.